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Chess Master 3D PRO for Android

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  • Version: 1.6.1

Classic turn-based strategy

Chess Master 3D Pro is a chess game that is rendered in three dimensions to provide players with a board that they can view at any angle to help them get the upper hand strategically and win the game.

Comfortable playing angles

The principle behind Chess Master 3D Pro is that it offers you the chance to see the playing area at any desired viewing position. If you are focussing on one corner of the board, perhaps because a lot of pieces are congregated in one area, then some chess simulation programmes fail to let you get a clear view. This is not so with Chess Master 3D Pro because you can easily swipe the board around to look from the other side or gain a more overhead picture for a bird's eye view – it is simply up to you. The chess pieces themselves are well rendered – there is no confusing a queen for a bishop, for example. What's more, you can always flip back to a straightforward two-dimensional view, if you want. With six different artificial intelligence levels to choose from, there is something to keep everyone short of a grandmaster occupied. The game even suggests moves for you – great if you happen to be learning how to play chess.

Chess mate?

Although the AI is good, Chess Master 3D Pro is no substitute for playing a real person of the same ability. It is glitch-free and easy to operate.


  • Reliable gameplay
  • Helpful hints


  • Limited depth
  • Some free chess sims are just as good

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Chess Master 3D PRO


Chess Master 3D PRO 1.6.1 for Android

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